Pursue – 2019

Pursue – 2019

Pursue – Jort Faber Productions

Pursue is a dynamic narrative focused on the intense environment of dating culture. Beginning off the culture of speed dating in Amsterdam and developing in the process of Jort and his four performers, Pursue takes the tediousness, excitement, boredom and thrill of meeting someone new on stage. Dating necessitates communicating yourself to another in a small amounts of time, manifesting in intense relationships between one another that often drop away. This temporary intensity structures the work and relationships that develop between the dancers, giving space for audience and performers alike to ask themselves how do you present yourself to someone new? How do you perform your identity to someone you want to get to know better? What becomes most important to communicate? Through humor and narrative familiarity, Jort celebrates the certain uncertainty of attraction and desire.

Prizes and residencies
2019. Talented choreographer ‘Dance Stories’ – Henny Jurriens Foundation
2019. 1st Prize emerging Dance Groups – Amsterdans Competition
2019. Reportoire Kseij Dance Company
2020. Repertoire Delattre Dance Company

Festivals and performances
2019. Kseij Dance Company – Genova, Italy
2019. Vondelpark Theater – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019. Dansen in het Park – Gent, Belgium
2019. Netherlands Choreographic Competition – Haarlem, The Netherlands
2019. 5Roefestival – Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
2019. Amsterdans Competition – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019. Culturele Zondag – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019. Cafe Belcampo – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dio Semerel
Jason Vayro
Rebecca Lillich Krüger
Giulia D’antiga
Jort Faber
Daniel Perin