Unseen – 2017

Unseen – 2017

Everyone lives in their own bubble. How much do we know about the people we pass on the street? As we travel from one location to another, we pass through thousands of unique, constantly evolving stories that we know nothing about and will never get to know. Unseen is an ode to the stories that we do not see and that we do not experience.

Unseen is a film production with a aesthetic character. The surroundings of the Sloterplas provide a intriguing competition in the background and give the viewer the opportunity to divide their attention over different aspects. For the dancers, the connection with and aloofness of people, who move past each other on their own path, plays a major role. Physically intensive dance is interspersed with minimal movement patterns. Individuality and group are constantly changing. Every dancer is central and every dancer flows into the collective.

2017. Cinedans

Choreography: Jort Faber

Film: Harm Rieske

Dancers: Ibrahim Altun, Algie Baas, Ashley Joyce Eijkenloof, Ilja Freriks, Jessie Heemskerk, Laura Kiezebrink, Melissa Kreuger, Janneke Pronk, Rosanna Straver, Aimée Tobi

Special Thanks: Gaby Follon