De val van Hercules – 2023

De val van Hercules – 2023

‘De val van Hercules’ is the new immersive dancetheater production from Jort Faber in collaboration with Stichting Triplets and the Westfries Museum. Premiering on October 27th, the production offers a unique way of experiencing performance art in a create your own adventure format: just like you step into a movie! Check the page below on how to book your unique story.

About the performance

De val van Hercules dives into the theme of masculinity and masculine energy within everyone. The performance serves as a statement against the representation of toxic masculinity within society as well as researching and offering new ways of reshaping masculinity as a word and concept. Derving from Greek mythology with it’s heroes and gods, and drawing a parallel line between the Dutch 17th century, the production cirtizes the glorification of these characters and aims to shine a new light upon how we see these stories.

Drawing from feminist traditions and honouring the contemporary themes of the Queerness and LGBTQ+ scene, the production allows the audience to explore different forms of male energy and encourages each individual audience member to about which forms are impossible for them to work with. De val van Hercules is about male and masculine energy within everyone and features a cast of half queer, half non queer performers with varied male, female non binary gender conforming performers to offer a diverse perspective on masculinity throughout the centuries and in the time of now. Drawing inspiration from the greek mythological tradition and combining it with the dutch history, the performances searches the essence of the narrative figures portrayed within the production and sometimes chalanges the historic representation of the character. (for example, Hades is played by a woman and Hera by a man). As a result, the production invites the audience to investigate and discover what masculinity means for each individual. From this individual reflection a connection can be made with contemporary themes.

About the experience

De val van Hercules is an immersive dance theater experience based on a create your own adventure theme. It is like you are walking through a movie that is happening everywhere around you. The ten performers have their own path and storyline within the over arching narrative of the piece, throughout the entire four story building of the museum. Everything everywhere happens at the same time. You are free to go where you would like; you can follow a performer and see the full depth of there story line, or to just stay and explore one or more of the 16 rooms of the performance and see multiple narratives coming together. Seeing everything in one show is impossible. Where do you choose to go? What do you choose to see?

Performance pictures

Dates and Tickets

There are 9 performances of this unique experience are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on:

October 27 – 20:00-22:00
October 28 – 14:00-16:00
October 29 – 20:00-22:00

November 3 – 20:00-22:00
November 4 – 20:00-22:00
November 5 – 20:00-22:00

November 10 – 20:00-22:00
November 11 – 14:00-16:00
November 12 – 20:00-22:00

There is a limited amount of tickets available for each so to ensure your capability to follow the path of that you choose, so don’t wait to long to book your date!

There are three forms of ticket for this production:
– Regulier ticket – €22,50 – Regular ticket
– Student – €16 – students of basisschool, middelbare school of hogeronderwijs
– Strippenkaart – €46 – 3 shows for the price of two

Since seeing everything is impossible in one show, we offer for the people who want o see more a strippenkaart. With this ticket you can come and see the performance three times for the price of two. Book your strippenkaart on the first day you are going to visit the performance and you can swing by two more times at any day of your choosing!

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