AIR – 2017

AIR – 2017

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Sir Arthur Clarke: Third law)

AIR takes you on the journey of Dio during his adventure with his technological dance partner. In his search for the ideal cooperation, he realizes that he not only influences his partner, but also that he no longer has control as the drone begins to make its own decisions. In this physical and acrobatic game of chicken between dancer and drone, both are constantly looking for the balance between humanity and technology. Where is your border?

AIR discusses the power between creator and object and how this relation is confused as technology advances . How far do we go for and with our technological friends? What is it like to be influenced? And how dependent are you on technology? AIR addresses the question of who influences who and invites you to investigate what this mutual influence does to you.

2018. Schouwburg Het Park – Hoorn
2018. Plein Theatre – Amsterdam
2017. Bijlmerparktheater – Amsterdam
2017. De Hallen – Amsterdam
2017. Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten – Amsterdam


2018. Dance xx Calligraphy – Amsterdam

Choreograaf: Jort Faber

Drone programmering: Isay Konter

Drone Vlieger: Max Koopstra

Danser: Dio Semerel

Jaar: 2017