FaceMe – 2018

FaceMe – 2018

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Mijn facebook profiel en ik leiden twee verschillende levens. Hoe hard ik het ook probeer, beide levenskomen niet samen. Misschien is dat maar goed ook.

FaceMe follows seven young people from diverse backgrounds who try to find their way through the fun, inspiring, absurd, deceitful and alienating world of contemporary social media to conquer your Like. Driven by their own obsessions, they try to capture their own place in the interactive social world through selfies, videos and vlogs. Each of the seven has their own obsession, but what is hidden behind this urge to post? Who are these young stars in their daily lives?

The production is inspired by and based on the relationship between one’s self-image and the interaction with the others since the arrival of social media. FaceMe highlights the positive, negative and absurde sides and consequences of social media in an open and recognizable way.

FaceMe doesn’t only use social media, but tries to become it in itself. During the creation proces Jort and his dancers created there own different social identities and during the rehearsal proces created life shows, life rehearsals which turns FaceMe in not only a theatre performance, but becomes social media itself.

2018. Schouwburg Het Park – Hoorn
2018. Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis – Amsterdam

2018. Culturele Zondag – Amsterdam
2018. Henny Jurriëns Summer Intensive – Amsterdam