Snooze – 2020

Snooze – 2020

In times of Corona we just need some fun.

Snooze is created during the corona pandemic in The Netherlands with the goal to get some fun and joy into the world. Based on the question: what keeps you awake? snooze literally and conceptually dives in, over, under and up the bed of the performers Rebecca Lillich Krüger and Jort Faber. In this joyful physical journey Rebecca and Jort try to keep each other sane in a time where the bed seems to be the primary spot of living.

Snooze is first streamed during the online festival ‘Hallo-Buren’ and is later performed as a life performance in de OBA in the Hallen.

2020. OBA de hallen – Amsterdam

2020. Hallo-Buren – Amsterdam