SIX – 2018

SIX – 2018

Trailer SIX 2018

“The ego is not master in its own house.” – Sigmund Freud

Inspired by the work of the ‘Ich, Uber Ich und Es’ of Sigmund freud SIX is going into the constant dialogue between the conscious self and the animalistic instincts. SIX dives into the beauty and the struggling in finding the balance to what we show, think and do with our fought and drifts.

SIX is an expressive and stationary performance where 6 dancers perform the piece on the knies. Jort challenged himself artistically by making a performance where movement stays in one spot in a not common position. Siting on the knees Jort and his dancers explored the possibilities of the concept within this physical limitation and came to this intriguing and expressive piece called SIX.

2018. OT301 – Amsterdam
2018. Cafe Belcampo – Amsterdam
2018. De Hallen – Amsterdam
2018. Stadhuis Haarlem – Haarlem

Rebecca Lillich Krüger
Sara Europaeus
Luna Ananda Martinez
Rachele Crespi
Alessandra Gigli
Giulia D’antiga