Intern Audition – Dutch Based

Intern Audition – Dutch Based

For the new upcoming production ‘De val van Hercules,’ Triplets and Jort Faber are looking for The Netherlands based interns. 

‘De val van Hercules’ is an immersive dance theater production in Hoorn and Amsterdam that through Greek mythologie and Dutch History is looking to redefine the concept of masculinity, while making an active statement against toxic masculinity and it’s visible representation within society. 

We are looking for interns to join us full time from the 21st of August until the 15th of November. This is a paid internship including payment and covering of travel cost. 

We are looking for dancers that are willing and able to create an own interperation of a character through theater and movement research together with mythological and historical perspectives. For example: we are interested in how you would interpret Hades, what is the Hades within you, rather than a correct historical presentation.

The production is interested in masculinity within everyone; what would masculinity mean within a woman of 70, a boy of 3, female identifying queer person of 20, and a student of 14. Within the production there will be collaborations with seniors, people with a mental disability and small children with their parents. We will turn historical and mythological male/female characters around and are interested in your views of masculinity.

We would applaud people who are queer or queer interested to apply as well as unique movement languages and styles.

What we offer

  • A three months working opportunity in a unique and historical building with a strong, kind and queer/queer friendly team of professionals.
  • Support and mentorship through the creation proces
  • A paid internship
  • Travel cost covering
  • 9 performances in Oktober-November

How to apply

  • Write an e-mail to: and add
  • Three words or three sentences or anything in between about your views of masculinity.
  • Any max 2 minute video you would like to share that you feel represents you the best. We enjoy seeing new creative things that surprise us, as well as dance reels. What would you like us to see?
  • CV. We acknowledge that there are a lot of different forms of experience that may not always be in the CV format. If you feel more comfortable with a written explanation, please add that.
  • Optional: The social media that you would like to share
  • A picture of you

Final note:

We are interested in you as a person and your approach towards movement, dance and our theme’s. Bring us your movement and bring us you!


  • Deadline to apply: 14th of July
  • Audition: 21st of July through invitation only

Want to know a bit more about us?

Instagram: @jort_faber
Instagram: @triplets_amsterdam