Wie ben ik

Wie ben ik

Short Biography

Jort Faber started his adventure as a physical Artist after his graduation in 2017. He has collaborations and productions with ICK, Movementalist, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Theatre Het Park, Meervaart Theater, Cardiac Output and Plein Theater. After his first evening length piece in May 2018, Jort was offered various programs for young and talented choreographers from Theatre Het Park, Gary Feingold of Henny Jurriëns Foundation and Delattre Dance Company. In his latest project for Henny Jurriëns Foundation’s Dance Stories (January 2019), he developed his latest piece Pursue and, with opportunities arising from winning the Amsterdans Competition, was offered a residency with Stephan Delattre in Mainz, Germany and a residency at Voldenpark Theatre in Amsterdam. While building within the Amsterdam community, Jort is now searching for ways to make his work more visible for the international dance scene.

About his Choreography

As a choreographer Jort makes accessible story based work where intense movement has a strong central position in creating narrative relationships. “I love to see dancers sweat.” By juxtaposing abstract and figurative physicality with a sense of humor, Jort attempts to create a layered performance that is accessible to diverse audience members from various backgrounds and relationships to art.

For Jort, accessibility for a wide audience is important because, in his vision, in discussing art together we learn about ourselves, the other and each other. Jort sees art as an interactive process consisting of three parts. (1) It starts with the life experience of an artist from which ideas and fascinations arise. (2) These ideas in the artist translate fascinations through imagination in the form of an artistic expression: “work of art”. (3) This work of art gains meaning through the relationship and interaction that it then has with the environment. My vision is that we share our own learned stories and meaning of an artwork about ourselves, the other and each other. For Jort it is to put down important work that can stimulate mutual conversation about art.